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About me

Years ago, when still working in my previous profession as a banker and project manager, I got the opportunity to participate in a (practical) class on manual therapy. When traveling back, I joined the instructor - a wonderful lady with almost magic hands  - on the train. We had a lively conversation on a variety of topics, in the course of which she almost colloquially said to me: "Hey, if you ever go for a career change, you should seriously consider working with your hands. It truly seems to be "yours" ...". 

Without me realizing it at that time, this sentence started my journey into the field of complimentary medicine. And here I am, more than a decade later, practicing Acupuncture (with a focus on Microsystems) and Myoreflexology - a manual therapy to balance muscular tonus in the body. Having the opportunity to live this passion day-by-day makes me a very lucky - and happy - person. 

When I am not busy practicing in Zurich, I do a lot of outdoor sports (bike, run, swim), take care of my plants on the rooftop terrace or enjoy life up there, relishing yet another book or chilling with friends. More than anything else, however, I spend as much time as possible with my little son. To accompany him discovering the world, growing up and developing his own personality is by far the most fulfilling, fascinating and rewarding experience ever. I am simply having the "time of my life" with him. What more can a man ask for ...

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